Royal Conservatory of Music – Materials

Once students have mastered the piano basics, they will then be exposed to the materials we use from The Royal Conservatory of Music.  Depending on which level of basic method books were used, will determine which level they will enter the RCM program.  Each student is unique and encouraged in their individual journey of music.

Royal Conservatory of Music – Materials


There are 10 levels available for our use.  The student will need the following materials at each level.

  • Piano Repertoire
  • Piano Etudes Four Star Ear Training and Sight Reading
  • Technical Requirements
  • Theory book.

Complete sets are available, but they can also be purchased individually.  These books correlate nicely in a gradual manner. Without realizing, students improve and become more advanced players.

Depending on the student and when they entered the RCM program, we sometimes us Mark Sarnecki’s Theory Book, which is also from the Royal Conservatory of Music.  Check with you instructor to select the right level and materials for you.

Highest Quality

We strive towards excellence and with high quality materials to work with, we are confident the student will make progress.  Click the above links to order your materials today.

Piano Teaching Method Books

Here at The Academy of Piano, we use high quality piano teaching materials that reinforce basic teaching concepts.  The brand new beginner would be assigned the Primer Level of Faber & Faber Piano Adventures. There are four books that correlate with each concept taught in the lesson book.  The theory book has fun puzzles and exercises giving the student practice at grasping each concept.  The technic and artistry book gives the student exercises to perfect these areas to perform the pieces in the Performance book like an artist.
The Primer Level introduces the keyboard, note values, and the grand staff. Students play in Middle C Position and C Position through recognition of steps and skips, and learn letter names independent of finger number. Musicianship is built through the use of dynamics and coloristic experimentation with the pedal.


Level 1 Faber & Faber Piano Adventures

Level 1 Lesson Book introduces notes on the grand staff, beginning chords, and the concept of tonic and dominant notes. This level reinforces reading skills and helps the student to recognize intervals up to 5ths. Musicianship is encouraged with the use of legato and staccato touches. The 5-finger approach is presented here in a fun, fresh way.




Level 2A Faber & Faber Piano Adventures  An introduction to eighth note rhythms are introduced while the student works with 5-finger transposition, basic harmony, and musical phrases. Exploring the keys of C, G, D and A major and minor 5-finger positions helps build their interval reading skills that were introduced in the earlier level.  The engaging repertoire reinforces key concepts and encourages students to play with musical expression through varied dynamics and tempos. Some of the selections include well-known classics from the great composers.




Level 2B Faber & Faber Piano Adventures

This level has a systematic approach to scales, primary chords (I, IV, V7), and transposition for the keys of C, G, and F major.  Students will find the pieces in this level satisfying.


Level 3A Faber & Faber Piano Adventures

This level introduces 3/8 and 6/8 time signatures and triplets. Students will learn to play the chromatic scale, the dominant 7th, one-octave arpeggios, and explore various keys.




Bastien Music Flashcards

  • 72 general music cards with answers on the back of each card
  • All the commonly used notes on the bass clef and treble clef including leger lines
  • All the major and minor keys on bass and treble clefs
  • Intervals and music signs


Faber & Faber Piano Adventures go up to level 5.  Rarely will a student at The Academy of Piano go through all levels.  Most will go through 3A then transfer into materials from the Royal Conservatory of Musics program.  Some students will be ready to make this transition as early as level 2A.  Each student is evaluate individually and guided for their own progress.  Each student is required to have one set of Bastien flashcards.  Along with these basic materials, students are given supplemental pieces for Halloween, Christmas, formal recitals as well as thematic recitals. Click on the links above to order your materials today.